Why I put a ring on it, and you should too

There are many upsides to choosing a career in sales (or stumbling into the career as most end up doing). You can make great money, control when you work and when you don’t, network with movers and shakers, and charge fancy client lunches to an expense account. But with all these perks come a serious downside that deters most from the profession.

Sales is fraught with the most intense and frequent rejection, exceeded only by a struggling stand-up comic. 

One of my proudest moments early in my career was signing my first 6 figure deal. I signed the deal within 90 days in my role and besides it being one of my biggest and fastest deals, the buyer also wrote a glowing recommendation to my boss. To this day they probably don’t know they were my first customer, but are still happy and leveraging new modules every year.

I got some advice around that time that I should buy myself something nice with my first commission check. I was weary of this because I almost never splurge on stuff for myself, I’d rather all my spending go to travel- hence the#NetSuiteNomad. But I confess I had been eyeing a rose gold and diamond band ring. So I bought it for myself and I’m so glad I did!

This ring has now gotten me through so much. Every rejection email I get, every angry client call, every hang up from a cold call, every loss to a competitor-  I just look down at my hand and remember that there was a day where someone validated me, gave me their business, and thought I was good at my job. This tiny reminder in the face of so much rejection is one of my keys to staying positive in a sales role.

I know a lot of other women and men who have done the same thing. They won their first big deal and bought themselves a nice pair of shoes, watch, briefcase, whatever it is, a reminder of their success. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy or ostentatious, just a small and personal daily reminder that you are good at what you do and people do appreciate your work, even though you might be talking to someone who disagrees at the moment!

I put a ring on it, and you should too. What reminders do you keep around to get you through a tough day?

Kelli Lampkin

Kelli Lampkin is a writer, traveler, comedienne, and entrepreneur.

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