Weekday Friends and Weekend Friends

In college we make lots of friends. It’s probably the time in our lives when we will meet the most people.

Are the people with whom you spend your weekday the same people with whom you spend your weekends? Should they be?

When you think about how you spend your weekdays in college and how you spend your weekends, it’s almost like living two different lives – at least, it seems so to me.

Slacker College Weekdays – Sleep in, miss class, hit the gym, go home for lunch (and maybe a nap), go to a class, hit the library, grab a bite, hit the bars.

Slacker College Weekends – Lunch, Nap, Vodka

Overachiever College Weekdays – Wake up early, go to class, study, grab some lunch, go to a part-time job, attend some club meetings, grab a bite, go to bed early.

Overachiever College Weekends – Wake up, hit the gym, attend a charity/volunteer activity, get lunch, go to work, meet up with friends for a study party.

In my experience, for most college students, the above descriptions reflect reality and their friends overlap quite a bit from the weekday to the weekend, because their days just blur together. I’m sure you can imagine that the two different groups probably don’t share many of the same friends.

But neither the slackers nor the overachievers are leading a balanced college life. Personally, the concept of separating “weekday friends” and “weekend friends” helps me to create balance in my life, inspired by the work hard, play hard philosophy.

During the weekdays, I’m pretty serious. I wake up early, go to class, study, go to meetings, go to work, and try to go to bed early, so that I can do it all again the next day. My weekdays look a lot like the overachiever weekdays, and so those are the kind of people I’m around most of the time, and who have become my weekday friends. When the weekend comes, I try to sleep in, go out, and have a good time – my weekends look a lot more like slacker weekends, and through those experiences I’ve acquired a different group of friends.

I’m trying not to offend any of my groups of friends with this post by calling some out as brainiacs and others as partiers, but I’ve found some people with whom I’d rather spend my weekdays and others who are a perfect fit for my weekends, and those people rarely overlap.

As I make it through the week, I know I can call on my weekday friends to sympathize with me when I’m juggling papers, projects, meetings, and work – they are friends with “Weekday Kelli.” When Friday comes around, I have a different group I spend time with – around them, I can be less serious and a little more adventurous. They are friends with “Weekend Kelli.”

I don’t know if leading this “Jekyll and Hyde” life is right for everyone, or if it is even sustainable, but I do know that it works well for me. I think that you get the best of both worlds when you can relate to all kinds of people and build a diverse network of relationships.

As more and more friends transition into both your weekday and weekend lives, you get to show them a different side of yourself. Hopefully, the more they learn, the more they will like, and the stronger your friendships will become! (If not, remember – there are plenty more fish in the sea and friends to be made as you go through college!)

Kelli Lampkin

Kelli Lampkin is a writer, traveler, comedienne, and entrepreneur.

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