Using Social Selling to Elevate Your Internal Brand

You might think Social Selling is just for selling products by sending InMails and liking a prospect’s Company Facebook page. Certainly Social Selling can be used to help you win more business, but have you thought about how to use Social Selling techniques to sell yourself and elevate your internal brand within your company?

Learning how to Social Sell effectively can help you with so much more than prospect and customer engagement. I believe that if you can become a strong social seller you can sell your own brand internally within your company to help give you leverage for negotiating a promotion, a better territory, a new role, more flexible working hours, and anything else you can imagine.

Perhaps I should start by telling my story. I started my sales career a little over 4 years ago in Business Development. I was one of the first BDRs to get promoted to a direct role at NetSuite. As a BDR I was supporting a direct rep that left to go work for one of our customers. When he left I approached management to make my case. I pitched that hiring someone from the outside to replace him would take weeks to find and months to train to productivity, and they would likely cost a lot more than they could pay me to start tomorrow. I asked the hiring manager to take a chance on me and see what I could do while still recruiting for another candidate, if it didn’t work out after a few months I would go back to BDR world and try again later or try Account Management. My manager took a chance on me, and it paid off because I achieved my annual quota in the first 9 months.

As a BDR I had some of the strongest stats in my class for setting the most meetings with the fewest number of cold calls because I was using the power of Social Selling to get meaningful conversations started with the right people through creative techniques and new mediums. But beyond using social to hit my numbers in my BDR role, I was also following our top sales reps and engaging with our sales leaders in the vertical I wanted to join. I followed our team on LinkedIn, and even though they were all over the world, I was able to build a compelling reputation for myself as a legitimate candidate for the role. My manager and team that I joined were based primarily in Toronto, so the power of Social Selling my own brand was critical in being considered for the role given I had very little face time.

Fast forward another year as a top performing sales rep, I again went to management and asked for a chance to take on a team to specialize in an emerging market for our software start-up clients. NetSuite once again took a chance on me, and I became the youngest quota bearing manager in our company. I had great stats to back me up, but I never would have been considered if I hadn’t been actively selling my own story to management and promoting my successes via social and internal communications.

Today I work in a new, and even cooler role, that I created with NetSuite. I pitched the idea of traveling around the world to enable our global sales teams to be better social sellers and more productive. I have been working from beaches and pools and castles and cafes across Europe the past 4 months. I actually leveraged my skills in Social Selling to build a role around enabling our other sales reps to do the same with their customers and prospects. But the irony of how I actually networked to get this role is again because I used social to network within my company not only across the country but also across our organization to find out about opportunities for a role like this.

Using Social Selling to build and promote my brand internally at a global, public company helped me get promotions, new job opportunities, and the freedom to work remotely across the planet, and it can help you too!

I work with our global sales org and I have seen our reps get better territories, promotions, management opportunities, flexible working hours, or even new opportunities with our partners and customers as a direct result of Social Selling techniques. This of course is all in addition to the traditional benefits of shorter sales cycles, higher premiums, more deal volume, quota relief, and huge commission checks!

Join my webinar with PeopleLinx on Wednesday September 14, 2016 at 1PM ET to learn more about my story and some specific techniques that helped me and can help you too!

Kelli Lampkin

Kelli Lampkin is a writer, traveler, comedienne, and entrepreneur.

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