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Using Social Selling to Elevate Your Internal Brand

You might think Social Selling is just for selling products by sending InMails and liking a prospect’s Company Facebook page. Certainly Social Selling can be used to help you win more business, but have you thought about how to use Social Selling techniques to sell yourself and elevate your internal brand within your company? Learning...


What is Personal Branding?

I have had a lot of people ask me recently “What is Personal Branding?” and “How can I create a Personal Brand?” Today I will share with you my very simple answer to this seemingly very complex question. What is Personal Branding? In essence I think that personal branding is just a word, or cluster of...


Emotions are contagious!

As you go through college, you constantly encounter opportunities to influence others. Almost every interaction you have is one of these opportunities, and you can influence others positively, negatively, or indifferently. Each time you interact with a teacher, a classmate, a roommate, a friend, a recruiter, a co-worker, a boss, your parents, or anyone else,...


How Are You?

How are you? That is one of the most common questions asked every day. When you ask it, do you really care how the other person is? Do you think that people really care when they ask you? “How are you?” is, while the most common question, also the most useless question. It’s an empty...


Live your life as if you were running for President

Some people dream about growing up to become the President of the United States. Personally, I have no desire (at this time in my life) to pursue politics, but I wouldn’t mind having the choice one day. Because I believe in the American Dream to my very core, I think that anyone can run for and win a presidential...

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