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What ERP and ice cream have in common

Over the past 11 months, I have traveled all over the world as the #NetSuiteNomad. In most countries I have visited in Europe, Africa, and South America, ice is still a luxury. I have learned the word for “ice” in over a dozen languages in order to ask for it in my drinks. This experience...


Why you feel more turbulence at the back of a plane

I’ve been on a lot of planes recently. As the resident #NetSuiteNomad I’ll be traveling to a different country every month evangelizing social selling and sales productivity for our global teams. Today’s post comes from the NetSuite Prague office! On my plane ride here I was seated towards the back of the plane and felt...


What happens inside a chrysalis?

I have recently been thinking a lot about transition. I’m personally about to experience a major transition in my life. I sold all my worldly possessions this month, packed my life into a carry-on, transitioned out of my beloved sales manager role leaving my #squad in amazing hands, and soon I’ll be starting an around...

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