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Two Words Top Sales Reps Never Say

There are two words that I never hear our top sales reps say, but often hear spoken on the sales floor among our lower performing reps. These two words are “Expensive” and“Cheap.” “Expensive” and “cheap” are subjective words, they have no meaning on their own and only have meaning when compared to something else. For...

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3 Tips to Overcoming Objections

One summer when I was 19, home from college and looking to make some cash, I started a babysitting franchise and created a bedtime product for kids afraid of the dark called Monsters-B-Gone (click here to see our first commercial featuring my lovely cousins now in high school!).  For anyone that has kids or has...


Ask for a Pony to get a Goldfish

Negotiation is a skill I learned early on. One of my first lessons in sales and negotiation was asking for my first pet. There comes a time in almost every child’s life when they decide they need a pet; unfortunately, that time generally comes before parents think their child is responsible enough to handle a...


Silence is Golden

Silence is a very interesting concept to me, because when used well it can be a very powerful weapon in your college success arsenal. Silence can be awkward – and therein lies the power. People will do almost anything to avoid feeling awkward! If you can control silence by not being afraid to use it and not getting uncomfortable,...

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