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What is a Decision Matrix?

Using a Matrix I am a total nerd about this whole job selection thing, that’s why I’m writing a book about it. But stay with me a little longer and the idea of a decision matrix might just change your whole life- I know it changed mine forever. What is a decision matrix? A decision...


Opportunity Cost

In decision making, opportunity cost is the difference between the net value of the path which was chosen and the net value of the best alternative which was not chosen. I have framed my entire life around this principle. Opportunity cost is not just something you learn in an economics class, it’s a way of life...


Let’s put Bells on Cats!

There was once a colony of mice terrorized by a cat. They couldn’t come out of their hiding places to explore and search for food, in fear that the cat would attack. Finally, the mice held a meeting to discuss what they could do. Many ideas were proposed. Then, one mouse declared, “We will tie...


Under Promise, Over Deliver

  It’s a simple idea to under promise and over deliver, but many students have a difficult time realizing the benefits of this technique or how to properly execute it. What does it mean to Under Promise and Over Deliver? What I mean by under promise is when you commit to a project, explain how...

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