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What to do After the Interview

Follow-up after the interview The interview is over, you made it through alive, but you still haven’t gotten the offer. There are a few things you can do that will greatly increase your chances of a second interview or an offer. The Thank You Card Always write a thank you card. Think about when you...


Ask for a Pony to get a Goldfish

Negotiation is a skill I learned early on. One of my first lessons in sales and negotiation was asking for my first pet. There comes a time in almost every child’s life when they decide they need a pet; unfortunately, that time generally comes before parents think their child is responsible enough to handle a...


Under Promise, Over Deliver

  It’s a simple idea to under promise and over deliver, but many students have a difficult time realizing the benefits of this technique or how to properly execute it. What does it mean to Under Promise and Over Deliver? What I mean by under promise is when you commit to a project, explain how...


Interview Questions: Do you have any questions for me?

“Do you have any questions for me?” The interview is over, you made it through alive!  …Or so you think. You still have one last chance to sabotage yourself. You will not get the job if you answer your final question with, “Nope, I think we pretty much covered everything.” You need to have questions prepared for...

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