Am I in Rehab from Sales Withdrawal?

FOMO- or the “Fear Of Missing Out” is a concept you may already be familiar with. In my adventures around the world as the #NetSuiteNomad with RemoteYear there is no shortage of FOMO. Traveling with 75 other tech entrepreneurs in a new country every month while still keeping your full time job means you won’t be able to do everything you want, but you’ll see everyone else posting about it on Facebook.

This week I have left our RemoteYear workspace and hopped an impromptu flight to Greece (with our customer to work out of a villa on the island of Crete before meeting back up with everyone in Belgrade, Serbia to celebrate the 4th of July with my fellow expats. As I sit here in my Grecian villa I can’t help but feel a little FOMO, not for the adventures my fellow remotes are experiencing in Prague and Budapest, but for the NetSuite direct sales team quarter end close back in Boston.

I might be posting Instagram pics of sunsets and greek salads, but every “Ring Ring” deal announcement email I see from my old team, just absolutely crushing the quarter, makes me feel a tinge of FOMO that I’m not there to support the deals with them.

I realize this seems absolutely crazy, and I’m sure many people would offer to trade places with me. But I think it just shows what a drug sales can be.

Am I in rehab from sales withdrawal?

There really is no other career like sales. It feeds your ego and your wallet while still giving you complete autonomy over your schedule, and it’s completely addictive. As a sales rep at NetSuite I got to network with the hottest technology disruptors on the planet and help them make their businesses even more efficient so they can continue to change the landscape of our global economy. That probably sounds like an exaggeration, but our customers really are doing amazing things to change the ways we interact with technology and each other.

I get to support our amazing sales organization in a new way as a Social Selling Expert and Sales Productivity Manager basically transforming my role from rep / manager to trainer and sometimes a buyer. It’s a great opportunity to share best practices across our global teams, but sometimes you just miss being in the ring!

I guess I’m just feeling a little quarter end FOMO this week watching from the sidelines. Maybe you can’t have your Sfakianopita and eat it too. (Sfakianopita is a traditional Cretan cheese pie with nuts and honey I just tried from the Greek family that runs the villa.)

Kelli Lampkin

Kelli Lampkin is a writer, traveler, comedienne, and entrepreneur.

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