Thinking like a Recruiter A College Student’s Guide to Interviewing

  • Great idea Kelli! Are you planning on including videos, note-space and some of the other interactive iBook features, or keeping text based for the first book? 

    • kellilampkin

      Hey Brandon! The publishing tool I am using (smashwords) puts the book into several formats on a few different platforms, Apple is just one of them. So I think I need to keep it pretty standard at first. But I am adding a video section to my website pretty soon! 

  • Denbonnett

    You are still extraordinary! “uncle Denis”

  • Ppallentino


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  • Jim L

    I haven’t read the whole book, just this page, but as someone who has interviewed for positions for more than ten years, I will define the “cool” factor to be how someone learns and embraces new technology. My field is accounting, so I’ll usually pick the tech geek over the extrovert.

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