Why you feel more turbulence at the back of a plane

I’ve been on a lot of planes recently. As the resident #NetSuiteNomad I’ll be traveling to a different country every month evangelizing social selling and sales productivity for our global teams. Today’s post comes from the NetSuite Prague office!

On my plane ride here I was seated towards the back of the plane and felt a ton of turbulence, more than I would have felt at the front or over the wings. I started to wonder why it makes such a difference where you sit in a bus or plane as to how bumpy your ride will be. After some research this is what I learned:

The best places to sit in a plane or bus is over the wings or wheels as they act as the fulcrums and center of gravity for the vehicle experiencing the least amount of movement from the center. As you move father from the center you feel more turbulence because the movement is exaggerated (think like on a seesaw there is less movement towards the center, whereas the ends experience the full range of motion up and down).

On my most recent flight I heard a very clever parent tell her kids that riding in the back of the plane was like riding a roller coaster. This mom took what could have been very whiny, crying kids and instead gave them a new perspective so they could actually enjoy the bumps along the way.

It’s all about perception and how you interpret and cope with the situation given to you.

To choose a career in sales you also have to be able to creatively morph your perception of reality. As a sales rep you are in the proverbial back of the plane everyday riding the ups and downs through torrential storms and clear skies.

While it can be scary and uncomfortable to be seated at the back of the plane, you get the best views.

The life of a sales rep can be pretty tumultuous, the highest highs and lowest lows among any career. It’s not a path for the risk averse who would rather sit comfortably over the wings and miss out on the view.

Share below how you maintain a positive and fun state of mind despite the ups and downs in your career.

Kelli Lampkin

Kelli Lampkin is a writer, traveler, comedienne, and entrepreneur.

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