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The 3 People Who Call You on Your Birthday

One thing as certain as death and taxes are birthdays: everyone has one. Some people make their birthday celebration into a huge month long palooza, some people lie about their age and throw a few candles away, some people dread the office break room cake with three other co-workers names on it in frosting- but...


A Love Letter to Marketing, from Sales

Dearest Marketing, Today couples around the world celebrate their love for each other. In honor of Valentine’s day, I wanted to spread a viral message to the world: “Marketing, I love you.” What started out as an inbound lead, has been nurtured into a fully reciprocated partnership. Our Customer Lifetime Value is through the roof,...


Using Social Selling to Elevate Your Internal Brand

You might think Social Selling is just for selling products by sending InMails and liking a prospect’s Company Facebook page. Certainly Social Selling can be used to help you win more business, but have you thought about how to use Social Selling techniques to sell yourself and elevate your internal brand within your company? Learning...


3 Ways Social Media has Changed Sales Forever

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I roll over to silence the alarm on my cell phone. As my eyes adjust to the phone’s bright light, I scroll through a series of notifications that came through while I was sleeping. Allison tagged me in a post on Facebook, aww...

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