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Two Words Top Sales Reps Never Say

There are two words that I never hear our top sales reps say, but often hear spoken on the sales floor among our lower performing reps. These two words are “Expensive” and“Cheap.” “Expensive” and “cheap” are subjective words, they have no meaning on their own and only have meaning when compared to something else. For...


If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot

I recently started a new workout routine for the summer. I do cardio for 5 miles each day. If I am focused and keep a high elevation and resistance on the treadmill I can do 5 miles in less than an hour and keep my heart rate up to get a good workout. However, if...


Why I want my reps to lose more deals

This is a provocative title, so let me explain before you judge me as the worst sales manager in history, or accuse me of shamelessly bragging about my team winning too much. I started running my first sales team almost exactly a year ago. To date our win rate has been over 90% we lost 5 deals...


The Pixar Technique

Pixar has an Oscar winning way of drawing in audiences of all ages and making them feel the full spectrum of intense human emotions during their 90 minute films. The movies make us feel hope, and excitement, and love but those emotions are heightened by moments of intense tragedy. In UP we learn that Ellie and Carl...


What I learned from Tinder about Enterprise Sales

I went on my first Tinder date the other day. The date had great potential, but on my walk home after the date something was bothering me. Every time I had told him a story about my life that I thought expertly displayed my wit, humor, personality, and kindness – this was my “A” material-...


Off the Rack v. Customized?

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes! Imagine you go to the department store, find a beautiful pair of shoes, (on sale), once very expensive, now still expensive but affordable. You excitedly take these shoes home and wear them out that night proud of your fashionably frugal shopping. They hurt the first time but...


Is it time to DTR?

If you have ever witnessed the dating habits of the millennial generation than you know the DTR (define the relationship) talk is one of the most dreaded “we need to talk” moments. There is a lot that leads up to the DTR. You’ve been hanging out for a while, maybe even a few formal dates, you’re...


“I can’t see why they wouldn’t sign?”

There are a few days left in the month, we are doing final deal reviews, and I hear “I can’t see why they wouldn’t sign this month” from one of my reps- I’m worried. As a rep you need to anticipate all the reasons why a prospect wouldn’t sign with you, to a point of...


Are you a Stage 5 Clinger?

 Is your competition causing you to act like the needy, jealous, insecure girlfriend? I’m not the needy, jealous, insecure girlfriend! That’s never me, that’s ALMOSTnever me. I’m the cool, confident, self-assured, you do you, I don’t need to put a label on it, I’m secure in what we share, girlfriend. But last week I became...

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