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4 Tips for a Successful Team Offsite on a Budget

This week I wanted to write a post in response to @Amy Spurling’s post: Company offsites: Cultural Imperative or Bubble-icious (Re)treat? In Amy’s post she asks us if the team offsite meeting is imperative to cultural cohesion, or a lavish distraction that has become the “proverbial ping-pong table of 2005.” I thought this question was...


Find a Mentor

By far the most important thing you can do for yourself while in college is find a mentor. Entire books have been written on the benefits of mentorship. While you are a college student it is so easy to get “grown-ups” to help you out. Business professionals love helping out ambitious college students, especially from...


How to get a job from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource to aid you in your job search- if you know how to use it.   First, what is LinkedIn? Some would call it the business version of Facebook. LinkedIn is an online networking site used by professionals to connect and share information about their professional lives. It is a great place to...


So what is it you guys do?

I can’t tell you how many job fairs I have attended where I am waiting in line to talk to a recruiter and a student waiting in front of me who finally gets to talk to the recruiter asks “So what is it you guys do?” Are you kidding me? At least google the company...


A Fine Line between Networking and Stalking

I will be the first to proudly admit that I am pretty much a world class stalker when it comes to recruiters and getting a job. I say “stalking” instead of “networking” because what I do is a pretty intense form of networking enabled by the internet, and I think it’s a good thing. You can find...


Weekday Friends and Weekend Friends

In college we make lots of friends. It’s probably the time in our lives when we will meet the most people. Are the people with whom you spend your weekday the same people with whom you spend your weekends? Should they be? When you think about how you spend your weekdays in college and how you...


Flattery will get you everywhere

It’s true. Flattery will get you everywhere. People want to be liked, and if they think you like them, they will like you back. Flattery is a simple concept that’s easy to execute, but also easy to mess up. No one likes the brown-noser, the suck up, or the teacher’s pet. There is a fine...


Giving someone the Fish

The handshake is the most common form of greeting in business. You shake hands thousands of times each year, but are you doing it wrong every time and people are just too polite to correct you? First, is there a right and wrong way to shake hands? Yes, there is! Here are a few common...


Choose your friends, and make them think they chose you

Building a strong support system of friends who will push you to do your best is one of the most important things you can do while in college. This is likely the only time in your life when you will get to regularly interact with such a large and diversified group of people. Take advantage...

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