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Why I put a ring on it, and you should too

There are many upsides to choosing a career in sales (or stumbling into the career as most end up doing). You can make great money, control when you work and when you don’t, network with movers and shakers, and charge fancy client lunches to an expense account. But with all these perks come a serious downside...


How to get “A Free Lunch”

In the scope of the universe, your first job out of school is not the biggest decision you will ever make. This choice that you make at 22 years old will not change the course of the rest of your life. Yes it is important, and worth taking seriously, but not worth losing sleep over...


College Students will do Anything for a Free T-Shirt and Pizza

Getting people motivated is one of the biggest challenges for any leader. It’s especially difficult in college, because as the leader of a student organization, you generally do not have very much, if any, access to monetary incentives. I’ve found, however, that free T-shirts and pizza will do the trick! Rallying a group of students...


Opportunity Cost

In decision making, opportunity cost is the difference between the net value of the path which was chosen and the net value of the best alternative which was not chosen. I have framed my entire life around this principle. Opportunity cost is not just something you learn in an economics class, it’s a way of life...


Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining! It’s a pretty simple concept, yet one of the most difficult habits to break. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but…no one cares about your problems. Do you really care about other people’s problems? It’s very easy to get caught up in complaining about how your roommate drank your...


Today is a great day!

Today is a great day! Today is a great day! Today is a great day! This is a sentence that someone once told me to repeat three times in the mirror with different intonations to start off each morning. Waking up might be the most difficult thing you’ll do all day, so sometimes you need to give yourself...

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